Eugene Endodontics

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Patient Review

I told all of my friends, parents, and co-workers to tell their dentists to send them here because I was treated so well from the front desk to the treatment room.

- Kristi

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Patient Review

I’ve never had a better experience with anesthetic. Thank you!!

- Billie

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Patient Review

You are very good at what you do. I’ve never had a root canal before but if I ever need another one, I’ll know where to go and I’ll recommend you to my friends.

- Anne

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“I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for me. Each one of you have shown such genuine concern for my wellness. Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for the gift of the surgery, your generosity toward me in that way was above and beyond and I can’t thank you enough.” ~M.T.

“I was apprehensive to have the root canal done. Although I am a dental assistant, having work done on my own teeth is always nerve wracking! I appreciate how quickly you were able to get me in. I was so comfortable that I even fell asleep during the procedure!! Thank you again. ~D.F.

“Dr. Wilson, thank you so much for the wonderful, kind, gentle and concerned professional care the other day.” ~C.S.

“I was not looking forward to getting a root canal. I left your office amazed at the superior treatment I received there. You were prompt, considerate, and responded immediately when I complained about my jaw aching. Thank you for providing such superior dental care.” ~B.W.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I appreciate how quickly you and my dentist were able to coordinate appointments and referrals. Thank you for your kind professionalism.” ~D.G.

“You and your staff are amazing! Thank you for the wonderful care I received. I experienced no discomfort before, during, or after the treatment. Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for your most generous care. As opportunity lends itself, I will certainly recommend your office!” ~T.A.